Dear Scumbag Spam Mongers -

Thank you for taking such an interest in me. I regret to inform you of the following:

1. My penis is just fine, thank you for asking.

2. I do not own a home, so why the fuck would I need to re-finance it.

3. I do not require any medicine, and even if I did I would not buy it frome someone who can not spell the name of it.

4. I deeply regret your situation in Zaire ( or whatever 3rd world country you and your money live in) but you are barking the wrong fucking tree.

5. I already have a degree (last time I checked you didn't spell diploma with a l in the middle) .

6. Posing to be the institution I may do my banking with, wow that's fucking admirable. No !! you can not have my account information !!!

7. RE: I do not remeber sending you a fucking email .

8. "Your PC is infected". Sorry it is not, I have Linux installed which does not open your fucking .scr files you dick.

9. Thanks for the incredible stock tip. I did not see a stock called WjobNN98y on NASDAQ nor on any other Exchange.

Fuck you very much ,
your Webmaster